5 Ways to Increase the Productivity of AC Unit

Have you ever wondered how to increase the efficiency of your AC? Here you will find out the answer to this question.

From air conditioning installation in Eden Prairie, MN to AC maintenance, every step is responsible for the decrease and increase in the efficiency of the AC unit. Countryside Heating and Cooling Solutions are here to help you with this.

No one would like to get their AC repaired every few months or install a new AC every few years. To avoid these situations, one needs to enhance the productivity of the AC system, and to fulfill this purpose few easy steps are to be followed:

Five Ways to Increase the AC Efficiency

  1. Proper Planning of Size and Location: Incorrect AC unit size, wrong thermostat temperature settings, and unfavorable locations of thermostat and ac can decrease the productivity of an AC. Choose the location for your AC, keeping the size of the unit in mind, reset the thermostat setting and change the setting as per the temperature, replace the thermostat if it is causing AC to shut off and on often.
  2. Unblock the Air Filters: Air filters are responsible for pollution-free air. Cleaning the air filter, as well as the condenser coil, is a mandatory step. The air filter traps bacteria and debris. Washing the filter or getting a new air filter gives better air quality, zero blockage risk, and better cooling.
  3. Clean the Outdoor Unit and Drain Line: A clogged drain line blocks the way for drainage, increasing the risk of indoor flooding. It is quite easy to clean the drain line. The combination of chlorine bleach and water will do the job. Cleaning the filter and condenser coil is very important, but not to forget that the outdoor unit also plays a vital role in the performance of your AC. For the maintenance of the outdoor unit, replace the rotten insulators without any delay. Check the compressor to replace the grounded and old compressor for better durability of the AC system.
  4. Prevent Leakage: The leakage of refrigerant gas or vapor gives rise to excessive heat gain. Pay attention to the leakage in the outside unit. Insulate the AC pipe and seal the leakage to prevent this condition.
  5. Maintenance and Servicing: AC maintenance is mandatory to increase the efficiency of your AC. AC maintenance includes timely servicing, AC diagnosis tests, and self-awareness. Avoiding AC maintenance may save a little money today but will cost you expensive bills tomorrow.

The proper setting, insulation, cleaning, replacement, and maintenance are the five steps that can increase the efficiency of AC. Besides these five steps, a few other things to consider are buying the AC by a good brand and getting the servicing done by a reliable repair service.

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