How Much Does a Bryant Air Conditioner Cost in 2021?

Buying an air conditioner is an expensive investment for anyone. Therefore, the right choice must be made in this regard. There are many companies that manufacture high-quality air conditioning units, which can be used for residential as well as commercial purposes. Among the many brands that have carved a niche for themselves in the air conditioning and HVAC industry, Bryant deserves a special mention. The company began its journey more than a century ago, and since then, it has captured and retained its position among the top air conditioning manufacturing companies. There is no quality compromise on their heating and cooling equipment. This is the reason the brand has received accolades from customers over the years.

When compared to other brands, Bryant air conditioners are in the slightly higher price range. This is because all the units which leave the factory undergo a mandatory and thorough test run. Moreover, if you check Bryant AC installers near me, you will find that the machine will only be installed by a certified dealer. Special mention also needs to be made of the Bryant air conditioner service – specifically the after-sales service and customer service.

Pricing of a Bryant AC Unit in 2020

There are many factors that decide the pricing of a Bryant AC unit. The price of an AC unit is dependent on the tonnage of the machine/unit size, the efficiency rating, models, etc.In this article, we will discuss in detail about each kind of pricing so that you can make a proper decision about buying the AC machine. We will provide you the cost of the machine and also the price incurred for installing the same. This will give you an idea regarding the total cost that will be spent on buying and installing the system.

  • Bryant Air Conditioner Prices and Installation Cost by Unit Size
Size of Unit Cooling Area Cost of Unit only Installed Cost
5 tons 2600-3200 square feet $2,375 $3,770
4 tons 2200 – 2600 square feet $1,995 $3,220
3.5 tons 1900 – 2200 square feet $1,820 $3,010
3 tons 1600 – 1900 square feet $1,675 $2,800
2.5 tons 1300 – 1600 square feet $1,530 $2,640
2 tons 1000 – 1300 square feet $1,410 $2,505
1.5 tons 600 – 1000 square feet $1,225 $2,310
  • Bryant Air Conditioner Prominent Series Pricing and Installation Cost as Per Efficiency Rating
Unit Model Efficiency Rating Cost of Unit only Installed Cost
Bryant Evolution 180B 20 SEER $2,510 $4,240
Bryant Evolution 189BNV 19 SEER $2,190 $3,695
Bryant Evolution 187B 17 SEER $1,800 $3,250
Bryant Evolution 187BNC 17 SEER $1,800 $3,250
Bryant Preferred 127A 17 SEER $1,725 $3,025
Bryant Legacy 116B 16 SEER $1,540 $2,645
Bryant Legacy 106A 16 SEER $1,520 $2,625
Bryant Preferred 126B 16 SEER $1,550 $2,750
Bryant Evolution 186B 16 SEER $1,675 $2,985
Bryant Legacy 114CNC 14 SEER $1,250 $2,375
Bryant Legacy 114C 14 SEER $1,250 $2,375
Bryant Legacy 105A 14 SEER $1,395 $2,490
Bryant Preferred 124ANS 14 SEER $1,425 $2,525
Bryant Legacy 113A 13 SEER $1,200 $2,300
Bryant Preferred 123A 13 SEER $1,395 $2,495
Bryant Preferred 538A 13 SEER $1,385 $2,500

Sometimes, bonus offers are also provided. Keep looking for those to make extra savings.