How Much Does a Bryant Gas Furnace Cost?

Picking the right HVAC system for your house is a crucial step. If you are considering Bryant gas furnaces, you are off to a good start. Bryant started operating as early as 1904 and became a household name for HVAC systems, air conditioners, and so on.

They offer several products and are value for money. Therefore, if you want to know a bit more about a Bryant gas furnace’s price and installation costs, you are at the right place. Down below, we have listed the cost of Bryant air conditioner service and units. Let us take a detailed look!

The Cost of a Bryant Gas Furnace

On average, the cost of a Bryant gas furnace is estimated to be around $2,300. It is not too much and neither too less, building up to a good investment. Let us now see the cost of different units and their installation estimates. Please note that units with higher efficiency will result in less operational costs than units with less efficiency.

To know how efficient a unit is, we suggest you take the advice of a professional. A professional will be able to guide you through it while explaining which system would be best suited to your needs.

Also, the prices mentioned below are averages made after assuming that each unit’s parameters are all the same.

  • Evolution 986T – Unit Costs: $2,400, Installation Costs: $4,200
  • Evolution 987M – Unit Costs: $2,450, Installation Costs: $4,300
  • Evolution 315A – Unit Costs: $1,450, Installation Costs: $3,100
  • Preferred 314A / 313A / 312A – Unit Costs: $1,400, Installation Costs: $3,050
  • Preferred 912S / 922S – Unit Costs: $1,700, Installation Costs: $3,700
  • Preferred 925S – Unit Costs: $1,900, Installation Costs: $2,550
  • Preferred 925T / 926T – Unit Costs: $2,400, Installation Costs: $4,200
  • Legacy 311A / 310A -Unit Costs: $800, Installation Costs: $2,300
  • Legacy 912S / 922S – Unit Costs: $1,700, Installation Costs: $3,700
  • Legacy 915S – Unit Costs: $1,850, Installation Costs: $3,900

Tips for Getting the Best Prices

Before we wrap up, here are a few pointers that you should keep in mind while buying a Bryant gas furnace to get the right price.

  • The first thing to keep in mind is the priority should always be the installation quality. Thus, do not compromise it for any cheaper alternatives.
  • Do not forget to check the current rebates and tax credits before making a deal.
  • Before making the final decision, make at least three bids with your local contractor.

That is all that you need to know about prices and costs for a Bryant gas furnace. If you wonder about Bryant HVAC technician near me, call Countryside-Solutions for the best installation services and consultation on HVAC systems. Reach us at (763) 479-1600, and our services will be for you to avail of. With our team of well-trained and skilled professionals, we are confident to solve every HVAC issue that you have in store for us.