How Much Does an HVAC Tune-up Cost in 2020?

It may not seem so, but your HVAC system works more than you think. No matter the season, a lot is owed to the HVAC system in your house that helps maintain a constant temperature throughout the space. It does so while keeping the indoor air quality in check.

Therefore, there cannot be any compromises front when it comes to its regular tune-up. However, without having any idea about the cost, things can get pretty confusing for you. That is why you should give this article a read, where we explain to you the costs of heater tune-up and repair. Let us hop right in!

HVAC Repair and Service Costs

It is often arduous to figure out a precise amount of heater repair and tune-up as many factors decide it. However, if we divide into particular sets and standards, we can derive a range. Let us take a look at the divisions.

Based on the Hourly Rates

If we were to see it hourly, HVAC repairs could be around $75 to $150 (per hour). However, on average, you could be looking at a figure of $144 to $451, depending on different variables. In case you are wondering what the hourly rates cover, it should be covering the technician’s wages, travel cost, and the cost of any office staff involved.

Based on Service Calls

There is something called a service call that most HVAC repair companies charge. This amount can range from $75 to $200. This charge is usually balanced out with your bill or is taken as the rate for the first hour. To be clear about the costs, make sure to inquire about it with the company before setting an appointment.

Based on Tune-Up Services

On average, an HVAC tune-up and routine check-ups may cost around $85 to $110. The tune-up includes inspection of the system, cleaning filters, cleaning any deposited dirt and dust, and repairing worn out parts.

However, if you go for the annual HVAC services, you will be looking at $150 to $300. This yearly servicing includes a few tune-us as well.

Based on Fixed Charges

Now, some repair services usually have a fixed rate for routine inspections and repairs. In this case, you do not have to be bothered by the hourly rate as you get a fixed charge. Therefore, even if the repair job and tune-up take a lot of time, you will only have to pay the specified amount.

There you have it — an estimated budget for HVAC tuning up and repair. With this information, it will be easier for you to precisely understand how much you would need to hire HVAC repairing and tuning up services.

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