What Is Home Performance


When it comes to your heating and cooling system bigger usually doesn’t mean better. But often enough sales consultants’ simply oversize equipment not only out of ignorance but thinking it will solve comfort issues. What they should be thinking is creating a more efficient environment for the system to operate in. Sizing equipment correctly is the most important part of the installation. Not only are you paying more upfront for the equipment but most certainly are not getting the comfort and efficiency you would think.

Over sizing equipment will cause your system to “short cycle.” This will definitely lead to premature failure of the system. During a call for heat your furnace will heat certain areas quickly, then shutdown. This will not give you a good overall temperature throughout the home. On the air conditioning side you will achieve cooler temperatures quickly without removing an adequate amount of humidity.

Once your system is installed there are a few adjustments that need to be made. Such as gas pressures and blower speeds. These are important and are often overlooked but crucial for the system to work at maximum efficiencies.