4 Issues That Cause Your Bryant Furnace to Keep Shutting On and Off

Frequent cold spells have led to many people turning to their Bryant furnaces for warmth. There may be some cause for complaints with old furnaces due to the lack of regular maintenance. A common problem in furnaces of this type is that they keep shutting on and off. It creates a nuisance by frequently fluctuating the temperature in your house or building.

Furnaces or heaters don’t run constantly. They run on a cycle that goes on and off several times. When the furnace switches from on to off frequently, it is called short cycling. Before getting a heater replacement in Maple Plain, MN, check for the following reasons:

Four Causes can Cause Your Bryant Furnace to Switch on and Off

  1. Clogged Air Filter: Over time, your air filter can catch dust particles in the air and various other debris. Such a furnace has a strangled airflow, which heats the furnace. When this happens, a default safety feature installed in the furnace causes it to switch off to prevent overheating.

    You can solve this problem by removing the clogged filter from the furnace and replacing it with a new one. You can also buy a permanent filter that needs cleaning. In the future, make sure that you clean or replace your air filters once every 2-3 months.

  2. Faulty Thermostat: In many cases, the thermostat could also be the reason for this problem. First of all, check if your thermostat is on and functioning properly. If there is any fault with the thermostat, fixing it should solve the furnace problem. Also, check if the thermostat is in direct sunlight or near heat sources.

    The ideal height of the thermostat should be 1.5-2 meters above the ground. If it is placed any higher, it is likely to detect air of a higher temperature since hot air tends to rise higher. As a result, it will cause the furnace to switch off. Also, ensure that the thermostat is switched to the heating mode.

  3. Dirty Flame Sensor: A flame sensor is a sensor that cuts off the fuel supply if it doesn’t detect any flame. Soot build-up over the flame sensor can cause it to sense that there is no flame. This can cut off the fuel supply, frequently causing the furnace to shut down. You can fix a faulty flame sensor by calling professionals for a heater tune-up in Maple Plain, MN. 

  4. Oversized Furnace: An oversized furnace may heat your house too quickly and shut down after doing so. Large furnaces damage themselves in the process and consume more energy. In such a case, replace your heater with a suitable size.

If the problem isn’t solved even after trying the above methods, it is best to call an HVAC contractor to fix it. Countryside Heating and Cooling Solutions are one of Minnesota’s best HVAC companies. We undertake all services, from installations to repair and replacement. You can visit our website to find out more information about our HVAC services. You can also call us at (763) 299-9996.