5 Ways To Reduce Your Cooling Costs This Summer

During the summer, everyone wants to stay cool indoors and stay comfortable. However, using the AC too long can make your monthly energy bills go higher.

5 Ways to Avoid Getting Higher Bills this Summer

You cannot avoid using your AC as you need it to fight the scorching heat, but what can you do about the rising bills?

Below is a list of five ways you can save on electricity bills:

  1. Maintain the Cooling System: Having an energy-efficient AC and a programmable thermostat will not be enough to reduce your cooling costs. You will have to take proper care of the cooling system, ensuring it works optimally. When the air filters get dirty, it becomes hard for the unit to cool your home.

    Cleaning or changing the filters timely can help you lower the energy consumption of your AC. Also, remember to keep the evaporator and condenser coils clear of debris to enjoy uninterrupted cooling and to avoid untimely AC replacement in Delano, MN.

  2. Keep the Curtains and Blinds Closed: You can prevent the solar heat from increasing the temperature inside your home by keeping the curtains or blinds closed. With this, you can save significant money on your bills as your AC won’t have to work too hard to keep you cool.

    Experts say you can reduce the heat gain by around 40% by using highly reflective blinds. You should always use light-colored treatments to deflect the sun’s rays better. Hanging the shades close to the windows will help you by blocking the outdoor heat from radiating inside.

  3. Prevent any Heat Buildup: When the temperature outside your home is extreme, you should always avoid the activities that generate heat like cooking on the stove, clothes dryer, or dishwasher. You can save these activities until dark when the temperature drops.

    You can go for alternatives like using a microwave for food or washing dishes by hand. While bathing, you should always use the bathroom exhaust fan for ventilation and removing excess heat and humidity.

  4. Using a Ceiling Fan: A fan doesn’t provide cooling to your room. It only makes it comfortable by circulating the air. If you use an air conditioner, a ceiling fan will help you by dispersing the cool air efficiently.

    You can turn off the AC without discomfort when your room is cool enough. You should always remember to turn off the fan when no one is using it to prevent the wastage of energy.

  5. Using the Air Conditioner Economically: Setting a comfortable temperature on your AC and using a programmable thermostat can easily help reduce your cooling costs by 10% by increasing the temperature when you’re out or asleep.

    According to professionals, you will have to spend less when the difference between your outdoor and indoor temperature is less.


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