7 Common AC Problems and How to Fix Them?

Everyone at some point faces a problem with their AC and calling a technician each time can take a toll on the owners’ pockets and patience. So, here is a list of common AC problems and their solutions for you to identify when you’re looking yourself:

  1. A leaking refrigerant: A leaking refrigerant is a common problem due to the holes in the coil. Try to identify the holes and fix them, but if the leak is in some important or sensitive part of the AC, you should call a technician as the access port or the evaporator coil.

  2. The motor blower is not turning on: This problem is the consequence of many other problems. Check whether the breaker is tripped or not; this can be why the motor blower is not working. It could be that the problem is with the breaker and not the motor blower. Check the drain lane with the breaker as well. If the drain is blocked, it will not provide electricity to the AC. The motor blow may not work due to a fault in the wiring. If the wiring is the real problem, you should consult a technician.

  3. A frozen coil: This is a common problem that occurs every once in a while. It has many causes, like restricted airflow, low refrigerant, a low temperature outside, or broken parts of the AC. Change your thermostat’s fan setting to ‘auto’ or ‘fan’ to melt the ice. Clean the dirt from the air filter and coil. Check for obstructions in any part of the AC. If the problem does not solve, call a technician.

  4. Short cycling: There are many reasons for this problem, like a bad thermostat, leaking refrigerant, or unclean filter. Check these things to solve the problem. Check the temperature and location of the thermostat, clean the dirty filters and evaporator coil, and try to solve the leaking problem. If you’re unable to fix it, call a technician to handle it.

  5. Foul smell: Water may collect in your HVAC’s box, and bacteria may grow in it that causes the foul smell. But there are many other unknown reasons for this problem. This foul smell could be due to some faulty wiring as well. Replace the filter and try to find a leakage spot. If you cannot do anything to remove the smell, call a technician for an air conditioning repair in Maple Plain.

  6. Hot air: The only possible solution you can try for this problem is checking the thermostat. If the thermostat is fine, call a professional without delay to fix the issue.

  7. Less efficiency: Try cleaning your AC first; dirt may decrease the AC’s efficiency. After this, unclog the drains to remove any dirt or debris. If nothing works, call a technician to remove this problem.

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