AC Maintenance Tips to Increase the Performance of Your Unit

Congratulations on the new air conditioner for your home! Summers will no longer be uncomfortable for you. But for enhancing the performance of your unit, it is important to carry out proper maintenance and servicing of the device. With proper maintenance, you can avoid expensive AC repair in Delano, MN. It has been seen that machines that are regularly serviced and maintained run well for a long time and need AC replacement in Delano, MN after many years of smooth operation.

Mentioned below are a few AC maintenance tips for increasing the performance of the unit:

  • Regular Cleaning Up and Maintenance of the Air Filters: When the air filters get clogged and dirty, there is an obstruction in the normal airflow, and the cooling capacity of the air conditioner drops significantly. When the filters become excessively dirty, the air which flows inside carries the dirt and dust directly to the evaporator coil bypassing the filters. As a result, additional pressure is exerted on the evaporator coils as the cooling coils get soiled. The air filters should be cleaned properly at regular intervals for proper cooling. This is more important if you have furry pets in the house.

  • Maintenance of Condenser Coil: The fan unit and the condenser are installed in the home exteriors in all kinds of air conditioners. As a result, the condenser coils tend to soil as the outside unit faces the direct onslaught of nature – sun, wind, dust, dirt, etc. The debris and dust which accumulates make it difficult for heat and hot air to dissipate outside. When heat is not dissipated properly, the condenser and compressor heat up. It is recommended that condenser coils should be cleaned yearly so that the performance of the air conditioner unit is not hampered.

  • Cleaning the Evaporator Coils: When the air filter is clean, the cooling coils don’t accumulate dirt and dust. But still, fine dust particles enter and get deposited on the coils. When the extent of covering and deposition increases on the coil, the heat-absorbing capacity of the coils reduces significantly. The cooling process is also hampered. Overall, the performance of the machine is affected. Therefore, cleaning of the evaporator coils and yearly servicing is mandatory.

  • The Rear Drain Should Be Unclogged: When the drain at the rear end gets blocked, the water which accumulates inside the air conditioner gets no space to exit and starts dripping inside the room from any available opening. With no proper venting of the water, there is an increase in the humidity levels inside the room. Unclog the rear drain for the proper functioning of the AC.

  • Cover the Compressor Unit During Winters: During the winter months, the air conditioner does not function. The compressor unit which is placed in the home exteriors should be covered with a cloth or plastic during this time. This is done so that no dust or dirt can accumulate inside the unit. But once the air conditioner starts working again, make sure to open the covering.

Avert AC repair and replacement in Delano, MN with regular and proper maintenance of air conditioner.