Minnetonka Air Conditioning Service

After moving into a new house, or installing a new AC system, you will need a reliable air conditioner maintenance and repair service provider. Having a reliable partner means your AC machine will be properly maintained, serviced, and repaired with the aim of ensuring your indoor spaces are always well-conditioned and the unit does not break down too often. Furthermore, proper maintenance will help to extend the lifespan of the AC and keep its energy efficiency within the recommended limits. When looking for a reliable Minnetonka air conditioning partner, do not look any further than Countryside Heating and Cooling Solutions.

AC Maintenance Service

A technician can only maintain or service an AC machine if he or she is familiar with all the components in the system as well as how they work. The technicians at Countryside Heating and Cooling Solutions are factory trained, experienced and NATE certified to offer AC installation, maintenance, and repair service, so they are familiar with all the major brands of AC machines. These experienced technicians have handled different types of AC problems, so they always know what to do. During the maintenance service, all the moving parts of the air conditioner are lubricated, the filter replaced, ductwork cleaned, and the thermostat re-calibrated, or replaced. After the service, the unit will perform more efficiently, consume less power and produce clean air at the vents.

AC Repair Service

Imagine living in a world without air conditioning during the hot summer months. You would have to strip naked, try to fan yourself to create a cooling effect, and take cold showers several times a day. That’s exactly what you can expect when your AC breaks down. This means that an AC breakdown is an emergency and should be dealt with urgently.  Be sure to visit the Countryside Heating and Cooling Solutions website to request a quote for the Minnetonka air conditioning service that you need.