Boiler Installation and Repair in Minnetonka MN

A boiler is perhaps the most important part of a space heating system for both residential and commercial properties. The unit is responsible for super heating water to create steam, which is distributed around the building in hot water pipes. Baseboard heaters and wall-mounted radiators extract heat from the steam or hot water and radiates it to the surrounding air. A boiler can either have a heating oil, natural gas, propane or wood furnace, but the first two are the most popular. When in need of boiler installation and repair Minnetonka MN, you can count on Countryside Heating & Cooling Solutions to sort you out.

Countryside Solutions Boiler Installation and Repair Minnetonka MN

The company lives by their motto – we are never comfortable until you are. This means that the Countryside Heating & Cooling Solutions technicians will not leave your home or business premise until the newly installed boiler performs as expected. In case of a repair service, the NATE-certified specialists from Countryside Solutions will repair and test the boiler to ensure it works properly.

Common boiler problems include; leakages, lack of heating, failure to attain the desired temperature and unusual noises coming out of the heating system. The boiler repair specialists from the firm will inspect the boiler and repair any fault the appliance may have. In many cases, some faulty parts, such as the thermostat, fuel pump or burner may need to be replaced. Fortunately, the heating company is a factory-authorized dealer for a wide range of boilers and boiler accessories.

Countryside Heating & Cooling Solutions is a BBB accredited business with an A rating, which means the company can easily meet your expectations. All the boilers the company installs come with long term warranties and service contracts to help extend the lifespan of the appliance. On the other hand, the technicians are highly trained, clean and professional in their work so you can expect the best customer experience possible.