Bryant Furnaces Guide: Compare Models & Prices in 2020

Bryant has become a popular and well-known name in the heating and cooling industry since 1904. Just like the air conditioning systems from the home of Bryant, their furnaces are also of high quality. If you are looking to purchase Bryant furnaces, you have come to the right place for references so that you can choose the best model as per your requirement.

Different Varieties of Bryant Furnaces

It is quite evident from the name that a furnace is an integral part of the heating system in any home or commercial space. Bryant offers both oil and gas furnaces. The cost of gas furnaces is more initially, but in the long run, they prove to be cost-effective and the fuel cost is also less. Homes, where there is access to natural gas, can use such furnaces.

On the other hand, oil furnaces are cheaper than gas furnaces, but the fuel price makes this furnace variant expensive. The cost of oil fluctuates in the market. Also, oil is not an environment-friendly fuel and has to be delivered to homes. The biggest disadvantage is that oil furnaces need regular cleaning as they tend to get very dirty.

Furnace Models from the House of Bryant

The AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) percentage is an important consideration to make while purchasing any furnace. This percentage depicts the amount of energy that is consumed for heating your home. Some prominent Bryant furnace models are as follows:

  • Evolution Series: The Evolution Series contains gas furnaces and they are the top of the line of Bryant furnaces. These furnaces provide variable speed blower motors in addition to Perfect Heat and Perfect Humidity technologies. These furnaces offer increased airflow, better efficiency, and reduced humidity in the home. The maximum AFUE percentage offered in this series is 98.3% and the lowest is 80%.
  •  Preferred Series: This is the mid-range series of gas furnaces offered by Bryant. The majority of the features of the Evolution Series are there in this series of furnaces, except for the Perfect Heat and Perfect Humidity technology. The AFUE percentage ranges from 96.5% to 80%, depending on the different models in the series.

 The oil furnaces in this series offer efficient and quiet performance. AFUE ratings for the different models of oil furnaces are in the range of 86.8% to 85.7%.

  •  Legacy Line: If you are looking for budget-friendly furnaces, the Legacy line from Bryant is a perfect choice. This series has gas as well as oil furnaces. Efficient and reliable heating is obtained from these furnaces. While the highest AFUE rating in this category is about 95%, the lowest rating is 80%. For the oil variant too, the AFUE rating is almost 85% to 87%.

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