Bryant Women in HVAC volunteer at the Ronald McDonald House

 Wednesday, April 26, 2018 – Auer Steel & Heating Supply Company & Bryant Midwest group of Bryant Women in HVAC volunteered to prepare & serve a meal at the Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) in Minneapolis.

As dinner was being served, the Women of HVAC had a very enlightening experience purely by accident. The catch phrase that Bryant HVAC always uses is #WhateverItTakes.  But last night we found out there had been a child named Peyton staying at the Ronald McDonald House who was fighting a serious disease and she used #WhateverItTakes as her hashtag during her fight. We learned that she unfortunately passed away recently.  When her friends came through the dining room to get their dinner, they noticed that catch phrase on our decorations throughout the dinning room and the foam fingers left over from a Minnesota Wild game that we had standing on the tables, pointing up.  The friends took this as a sign of love from heaven from their friend Peyton. It was an emotional moment that all of us will remember forever.

Our hearts are full after our dinner tonight.  Before leaving we found a picture of beautiful Peyton and her “Whatever It Takes.”  It was no coincidence that we were there tonight honoring her spirit and spreading smiles across so many faces.  This experience put a whole new meaning to our “Whatever It Takes” phrase and our hearts and tears are with Peyton’s family as they mourn their loss.