Dialing in your new AC: What thermostat is right for you?

Dialing In Your New AC: What Thermostat Is Right For You

You might not know it, but your thermostat can do a lot. Well, yours might only be able to turn the AC up and down. If that’s how you’ve always lived, then it’s time for a change. Not only does an old mechanical thermostat waste energy and money, but it also limits your comfort and control in your home.

In Plymouth, air conditioning installation service is most commonly done in the spring, right about now. That’s because we can all feel the heat of summer right around the corner. You probably already knew this and might even be thinking of replacing your old, dying unit too.

If so, you’ve come to the right place. Countryside Heating and Cooling Solutions are all about you. We design everything about our services to meet your needs and give you the best experience possible. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff will make you feel taken care of and at ease, as we get you set up with a new AC unit for this summer, and many more to come. In Plymouth, air conditioning installation service is a job best left to Countryside Heating and Cooling Solutions.

As you think about a new AC unit, there are some things you should know about how far thermostat technology has come since your last AC was installed. These days, you don’t need to set it and forget it. There are systems that cool on a schedule based around your day to day. Some are controllable via wifi or Bluetooth. There are even thermostats that learn from your routines remotely and can program themselves to match your schedule.

Having a thermostat that can work harder when you’re around and ease off when you’re away is one of the best ways to ensure that you save as much money as possible on your new unit. You won’t just be saving by buying a more efficient model, you’ll also be using it far less than you did before.

Here are the three main types of thermostats you should know about

Digital programmable thermostats offer an LCD display that allows you to easily read and program your thermostat. They can be set to specific schedules daily or weekly so that they can match your routines and keep the house cool when you need it this summer. If you work a job five days a week at regular hours, these are a great, inexpensive way to be efficient.

Smart or remote thermostats are similar to a digital programmable ones but can be accessed remotely through your phone or tablet. That way, if you are going to come home early from work or want to turn down the AC from the movie room without getting up, you’re good to go. Just pull out your phone and adjust away.

Learning thermostats actually combine the ability to digitally program with their own complex programs that track and learn your schedule. This way, you don’t need to fiddle with your thermostat to get it to turn on and off at the right times. It will automatically learn when you are home and when you are away and learn to be there when you need it. You can also program them yourself remotely or on the unit. These are the nicest thermostats of all and can save you a lot of money on AC.

In Plymouth, air conditioning installation service means a lot of things to consider and decide. But we don’t want you to forget about your thermostat. After all, it is how you interface with the entire AC system. If you want more information or to schedule a service, call Countryside Heating and Cooling Solutions today at (763) 299-9996.