Do You Need A New AC Unit?

Summer is here, and temperatures are about to soar in many parts of the USA, including Minnesota. The only respite from this extreme heat is an air conditioner that keeps your indoors cool. Is your AC providing this much-needed comfort or showing signs of redundancy? If your AC isn’t serving its purpose, this is the time to decide between repairing or replacing it with a new one.

While investing in a new AC can create a hole in your wallet, constantly repairing an old one has the same effect over time. Here are a few sure signs that indicate that it’s time to buy a new AC.

The AC Is More Than 15 Years Old

Like all electronic devices, your air conditioner also has a shelf life. This could be between 10 and 15 years, depending on how well you maintain it. After the 10th year, the efficiency level of your AC is sure to decline. Replacement parts for old models may also not be available anymore. This would be a good time to replace your AC instead of repairing it.

The System Has An R22 Refrigerant

Air conditioners that are more than ten years old use R22 refrigerant to keep the air cool. The production or import of R22 was banned on January 1, 2020, since this dangerous chemical causes damage to the earth’s ozone layer. AC technicians are only permitted to use recycled or repurposed R22 for maintaining old ACs. R22 is also becoming increasingly difficult to source. You may better buy a new AC than wait for your technician to procure this refrigerant.

Repairs Are More Frequent

If you are calling in a mechanic now and then to repair your air conditioner, this is an indicator that its efficiency levels are dropping. Rather than constantly spending on repairs, it is time to replace your AC unit with a new one.

Huge Repair Costs

While minor repairs such as a clogged drain line or faulty duct are worth repairing, issues with the compressor, blower motor, or condenser coils can be quite costly. One way to decide if you need to repair or replace your AC is by following the $5000 rule. Multiply your AC’s age into the cost of repair. If the amount is below $5000, you repair. If it’s above $5000, you replace it.

Steeper Electricity Bills

If your electricity bills are increasing despite all your efforts to repair your air conditioner, it is not working as efficiently as it should be. Checking every month to see if there is a steep rise in your bill can help you decide if it’s time to invest in a new one.


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