Furnace Repair Delano MN

There’s just nothing like the feeling of being warm and snug as a bug in a rug, especially in the comfort of your home own home. To achieve and maintain that feeling, your air conditioning and heating systems must be in perfect working order. They are the heart and soul of any home or business as far as comfort goes and must be maintained or updated to get the best possible results.

For Air Conditioning and Furnace Repair Delano MN call the experts at Countryside Heating & Cooling Solutions. They offer service and maintenance for air conditioning, heating, indoor air quality, thermostats, and more, to all new and existing homes or businesses in the western suburbs of Minneapolis.

Air Conditioning

Technology in air conditioning (AC) has come a long way in recent years. Countryside knows that AC is the key to an efficient and comfortable cooling system and will repair or replace all the necessary elements such as the heat pump, and the ductless split system. The heat pump extracts heat energy from the outside and transports it to the inside in winter, and vice versa in the summer. The ductless split system is small and quiet, can save up to 30% energy consumption, and can be installed anywhere.


The heating system heats your home and circulates clean air throughout. It may consist of a boiler, garage heater, radiant flooring, or a heat pump of it’s own. Countryside can repair or replace all these items to lower your overhead and help you get the most out of your current or future heating system.

Indoor Air Quality

Countryside also improves indoor air quality, which is 5 times more polluted than outdoors. They use air cleaners, humidifiers, ultra-violet lights, ventilators, and dehumidifiers to make the air quality levels as high and safe as possible.

For the best Air Conditioning and Furnace Repair Delano MN has to offer contact Countryside Heating & Cooling Solutions. They are not comfortable until you are.