Here’s What Your Leaking AC Might Cause…

Water leaks from an AC are one of the most ignored problems by homeowners. Considering them to be ‘normal’, people choose to let it slide away. But experts of AC repair in Eden Prairie, MN suggest otherwise. A continuous leak from your air conditioner leads to numerous other severe problems. Problems that harm not only the AC but also the health of family members.

While getting AC installation in Eden Prairie, MN, people are advised to take up all questions with the installation team. And if you’ve got a leak repair done before, you will know that every technician’s first advice would be not to ignore any leaks. Why? It’s hard to differentiate between water leaks and refrigerant leaks without guidance from an AC repair in Eden Prairie, MN expert.

What Causes This Leak?

Let’s go back to our 8th-grade science class to understand the process of condensation. When hot or room temperature water collides with a cool surface, the moisture present in vapor transforms into water droplets.

Similarly, when hot air from outside comes into contact with the cooling coils in an AC, water droplets are formed. This water that contains harmful gases is removed outside of the system from a water pipe fixed by technicians of AC installation in Eden Prairie, MN, that runs outside of your home. A fault in this pipe system and the AC has no choice but to release this unclean water inside your home.

What Could This Leak Cause?

If you fail to call for AC repair in Eden Prairie, MN, you have invited several other problems to get this issue. Firstly it is important to know whether your AC is leaking just water or refrigerant dripping. In case of water drops, a quick look at your clogged drain pipes from AC repair in Eden Prairie, MN, will solve the problem.
Although water leaks may not be that dangerous, they are capable of inviting several diseases. Since these water droplets run via refrigerant coils, they carry several toxic gases in them. Once evaporated, these gases flow into the air surrounding your room. AC repair companies say that these gases cause headaches, nausea, and even breathing problems.

If the issue is ignored for longer and your solution is to collect the water in a bucket, you are collecting toxic gases and attracting insects and mosquitoes as well.
The only way to fix this issue is by calling for help from AC repair in Eden Prairie, MN.

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