How Do You Know if Your Bryant HVAC is Still Under Warranty?

Most of us rely on air conditioners for comfort throughout summers, whereas the winters call for heating systems like furnaces. Nevertheless, you must ensure that whichever HVAC unit you are getting must be of excellent quality and have good after-sales service. Thankfully, Bryant HVAC units make great options if you look for units that feature better-than-average efficiency and ozone-safe refrigerant.

Besides features, your HVAC unit’s warranty is a major factor. However, if you are not sure that your Bryant HVAC is still under warranty, it’s high time to contact Bryant HVAC technician near me.

How To Check If My Bryant HVAC Unit is Under Warranty?

  • Most manufacturers require owners to register for the warranty at the time of purchase. Thus, you must have the registration information which has your HVAC unit’s unique serial number. However, if you forgot the registration, you must have invalidated the warranty.
  • If you have the serial number with you, you can quickly look up the existing warranty of your HVAC unit on Bryant’s website. Just enter the unit’s serial number, and you will get the warranty details in no time.
  • In case of any malfunction or breakdown, you must call a Bryant HVAC technician near me who can also assist you with warranty information. If you have already secured an HVAC extended warranty after installation, they may have warranty information available for you.
  • In addition, the HVAC installer must have included an installation or labor warranty at the time of installation. So, whenever you call a Bryant air conditioner repair near me, you might need to show that warranty to check if the repair is covered under it.
  • Just like your warranty information is stored on the website, it is also included with the documentation and manual you get with your unit. Therefore, the paperwork must be the first most thing to be checked to determine whether your system came with a warranty or not.

How to know if the HVAC system at my new home is still under warranty?

  • If you are moving to a new house, ask the previous homeowner or your dealer about the HVAC system’s warranty information and if it still exists. If yes, go ahead with the details of the contract.
  • Some HVAC manufacturers allow warranties of existing HVAC units or extended warranties to be handed over to the new homeowner when a home is sold. However, the manufacturer might fix a duration within which the contract must be transferred once the home’s ownership changes.

A valid warranty can help you with your HVAC unit’s repair and maintenance while saving you money. Therefore, it is necessary to register for a warranty as soon as you purchase and install one. At Countryside Heating and Cooling Solutions, we hold factory-authorized dealerships of the best quality Bryant HVAC units. Our team provides you with all kinds of HVAC installation, repairs, service plans, and solutions.

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