How Do You Know When Your Radiant Floor Needs Repair?

furnace repairs in Maple Plain, MN

Ever stepped on the floor barefooted on a frosty winter morning? The cold floor can make your Maple Plain home uncomfortable this cold season. To make the floor warmer and more comfortable, you should consider hiring the best furnace repairs in Maple Plain, MN contractors to install, repair or maintain a radiant floor heating system in your home. An increasing number of homeowners today are realizing the benefits of a radiant heating system, hence are having the heating option installed in their homes. Among the many benefits of the system is that it requires repair services less often, as compared to conventional heating systems.

While radiant heating systems break down less often, it is still possible for them to malfunction, especially if they are not well maintained. In such a case, you should only hire a professional who is experienced in installing, repairing and maintaining the various radiant floor heating systems, such as the expert furnace repair professionals we have at Countryside Heating and Cooling Solutions. Since it is rare for these systems to malfunction, you may need to know the various signs of malfunction in the systems. This will help you know when to call us to inspect and repair the system. Some of the common signs of malfunction in radiant floors include:

Reduced Performance

With time, the amount of heat generated by the system may decline. This is an indicator that the system needs to be examined and repaired by a trained and experienced professional. In some cases, this may be as a result of a water leak, which causes the level of water to drop.  A lower hot water level will lower the efficiency of the system. In other cases, the problem may be caused by a faulty thermostat. Get in touch with a reputable repair service provider the moment you notice this reduction in the heating efficiency of your radiant floor heating system.

furnace repairs in Maple Plain, MN

Water Leakage

If you notice a water leak on any of the components of your radiant floor heating system, it is the right time to call us for inspection and professional furnace repairs in Maple Plain, MN services. In most cases, leakage in these systems occurs on the pipes that deliver hot water to the home or on the boiler components. While some water leaks may be repaired using minor adjustments and tune up of the system, others are rather complicated.  Trying to remedy the problem yourself may result into a bigger problem.  Instead, you should hire qualified heating and cooling system repair professionals that have substantial experience in repairing radiant floor heating systems to inspect and repair the leak.

Uneven Heating

Radiant heating systems often deliver heat to your home from beneath the floorboards or from radiators.  The systems are comparatively more effective at delivering heat evenly throughout the available space. Uneven heating with this system is a sign of a malfunction that needs to be resolved by a skilled professional.

Regardless of the type of heating and cooling system you have in your home, you can save a lot of time and money and get convenient as well as dependable furnace repairs in Maple Plain, MN services by hiring the professionals. For reliable, affordable, swift and convenient heating system installation, repair and maintenance services, call us today at 763-299-9996.