How Do You Reset Your Bryant Air Conditioner?

The Bryant company has been manufacturing residential climate control systems for 100 years. It was founded in 1904. They have a variety of devices in the field of heating and cooling systems.

Among them, the most famous ones are air conditioners, ventilators, gas furnaces, humidifiers, air cleaners, and evaporator coils. No air conditioner is perfect and can have some malfunctions when not maintained properly. Bryant air conditioners are no different.

However, unlike other companies that manufacture air conditioners, the brand doesn’t have a reset button on the air conditioner. You have to reset the device by resetting the circuit breaker in your house. If not, you can simply browse for Bryant HVAC technicians near me and let them do it for you.

To Reset Your Bryant Air Conditioner, Follow These Four Steps

  • Step 1: Find the electrical service box in your house. These service boxes are usually found in basements, laundry rooms, or garages. To find them easily, search for brown-colored metal boxes.
  • Step 2: Once you have found the electrical service box, it is time to get into step 2. Open the service box and find the circuit breaker. You have to find the circuit breaker that corresponds with your Bryant air conditioner system.
  • Step 3: You have to be careful because once you have found the appropriate circuit breaker, you have to dip it to the off position. If you have mistaken any other circuit breaker for your air conditioners, then you might cause an electrical problem to other devices in your home. Contact a Bryant air conditioner repair near me and sit back to let the experts do the work.
  • Step 4: Now that you have successfully found the circuit breaker to your device and flipped it off, all you need to do is to flip it back to one position in this step. Finishing this step will have your Bryant split unit AC and heating system reset.

Here are some tips to help you troubleshoot your Bryant air conditioner if there is any problem:

  • Check the thermostat and ensure it is in a cool position
  • Verify if the outside air conditioner is working
  • Check if the switcher is disconnected
  • Clean the air filters
  • Check if the blowers in your Bryant furnace are on
  • Make sure that there is no blockage in the return grilles

If you still cannot find what is causing the problem, it is time to search for Bryant air conditioner repair near me.

The Bryant air conditioners are an ideal option if you are searching for a quiet central AC unit that has several energy-saving features. The SEER rating of the device is 16.2, which is the second-lowest among all the reputed brands.

If you are looking for any assistance with your Bryant air conditioner and heating devices or planning to install a new device, Countryside Heating and Cooling Solutions is the right choice. You can contact us at  (763) 299-9996