How Many Times Can You Hit the Reset Button on Your Furnace?

How Many Times Can You Hit the Reset Button on Your Furnace?

When your furnace system functions abnormally or there is some risk of electrical damage to the system, pressing the reset button on the HVAC is the first thing you should do to fix the problem. You may feel this is the easiest and most harmless step, but the reset method is not the same for all types of systems, and it is not right to reset your system frequently.
If you face the same problem more than once or twice, do not reset your system every time. It will damage your furnace. Let’s find out when and how you can reset the central heating equipment.

Steps to reset the furnace

First, you will have to find the location of the reset button. The location of the reset button depends on the furnace model you have. Generally, one should locate the blower motor to find the reset button. The button is usually red or yellow. You can also check your furnace manual for the same. After locating the button, the next step is to press it for 30 seconds. This step will reset your system.

While resetting the gas furnace, make sure to follow some necessary steps.

  • Turn OFF the main power supply and gas supply
  • Just keep the pilot gas supply line ON
  • Lower the thermostat temperature
  • Relight the pilot flame using a matchstick
  • Turn the main power and gas supply ON
  • Now, press the reset button on the blower for 30 seconds
  • Last, set the right temperature on the thermostat

Reasons You Need to Reset Your Furnace

There are three common problems when resetting the furnace can be the best solution. The three HVAC issues are:

1.) Furnace tripping: If you notice the absence of flame in the pilot, your furnace may have tripped. You will have to reset the system to prevent the circuit from tripping. However, insufficient gas or oil in the furnace can also be the reason for this problem. If your furnace trips again, look for a Bryant HVAC technician near me online, for a furnace inspection.

2.) Overheating: When your furnace constantly runs at high temperatures, it may overheat. Due to overheating, you will experience temperature fluctuation and excessive heat near the furnace. Then, you will have to reset the system to troubleshoot the problem.

3.) Electric short circuit: Heavy rain or storm can sometimes fluctuate the electric supply. The voltage, when it changes from higher to lower and vice versa, can cause a short circuit. Turn the heating system off when this is the case. Once the power supply problem gets fixed, turn your furnace ON and reset it.


A simple reset should fix the common issues, but if the problem is still there after the reset, search online for Bryant HVAC service near me to schedule a repair service. If you live in Delano, Medina, Eden Prairie, Bryant, and surrounding areas, you can always trust Countryside Heating and Cooling Solutions for any furnace or air conditioning service.

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