How Often Should The Heater Be Inspected?

Heaters, like any other home appliance, require routine inspection and maintenance. Heaters must be kept clean both inside and out, and you must check many different types of heaters to ensure that they remain safe within the home.

Your heater must be in good working order before the cold season arrives each year, but how often is it possible to have it inspected?

You’ve probably heard everything from “inspect twice a year like clockwork” to “our heater has been fine for decades without being inspected.” What is the appropriate inspection frequency to keep your home secure without going overboard? Today, we’re here to offer a few pointers on how to time your heater checks for maximum house value.

The Climate And The Heater’s Importance

During the colder months of the year, your heater’s quantity of use, stress, and necessity. Inspect every 6-12 months throughout the cold winter months.

Heaters are a necessary piece of household equipment in areas where it snows inches to feet every year, and yearly winter storms are the norm. To ensure that your heater is working efficiently, it should get tested at least once a year.

For The Regions That Experience Mild Temperatures

If you reside in a section of the country where the winters are mild, with lows in the 20s and 30s but never below zero, you should have your heater tested once a year. A yearly maintenance check and tune-up will ensure that your heater is always ready to confront the annual freeze and prepared if something unexpected occurs as we are living in a time of global warming after all.

Even states like California have received unexpected snowfalls in recent years. It’s possible to spend up to two years without getting your heater tested if it’s brand new and properly installed.

For The Regions That Experience Extremely Low Temperatures

If you reside in a section of the country where the winters are frigid, you’ll probably want to get your heater tested every 6-12 months. We’re talking about areas where several feet of snow, severe storms, and acute wind chill are common in the winter.

If you’ve moved to a place where this is the norm, you already know how crucial it is to have working heating equipment when the temperatures drop below freezing. The last thing you want to discover on Christmas morning is that your heater is broken, so if you live in a cold-weather area and haven’t had your heater serviced in a year or more, contact them as soon as possible.

For The Regions That Experience Extremely Mild Temperatures

If you reside in a part of the country that doesn’t get much snow or has extremely mild winters, you might be able to spend two to five years without having your heater serviced. Depending on the sort of equipment you have, you could go up to five years without a heater tune-up.

If you live in this type of climate, your home’s HVAC system will likely have an electric-only heater, which may or may not be used throughout the year. Houses in these places are frequently not built for frequent heater usage, and homeowners in these areas can go months or even years without turning on the heat.

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