How To Fix Your AC Leaking Problems?

Water leaking is a typical issue faced by many, particularly in split air conditioners. The problem could be as simple as a clogged drainpipe, or you might be facing refrigerant leaks which is a delicate situation. If you are lucky to get good AC repair in Delano, MN service, the technician will do it all for you. We’d first have to understand why your AC is giving you a hard time. Experts in this field explain that wastewater in the AC they’d like to export out of their systems is like the human body. Your technician from the AC repair in Eden Prairie, MN, attaches a drainage pipe to the body of your ac. All the dirty water collected from coil pipes is thrown out through these pipes outside.

If something is stuck inside this pipe, the ac has no place to dispose of the water. All that water will start leaking from the inside unit of the AC. Here’s a guide on what could be the reasons for a leak.

How Can We Fix This?

Simple steps can be the solution for this AC repair in Delano, MN problem. Here’s a quick guide on how you can easily check up on your system to fix the leaking issues:

  • Unclog the pipes: 9 out of 10 times, the solution for this common issue lies in the drain pipes. The purpose of this line is to allow moisture from your air conditioner to escape. The drain line is extremely accessible. It’s generally in the shape of a white PVC pipe protruding from your house set by a technician from AC repair in Eden Prairie, MN. Simply use a vacuum to pull out any clogged material.
  • Check on the Filters: Filters are yet another essential part of supplying cool air to you. They clear out the air to remove the tiniest bit of impurity. Too much dirt can block these air filters. Filters become clogged to the point that they obstruct airflow, causing water leakage. It is advisable to change your filters.
  • Know if it is a Water or Refrigerant Leak: Often people assume that any leak would be water leakage. It is a possibility that it might be a refrigerant leak. No drain pipes or filters will fix this issue. Immediately contact your nearest AC repair in Eden Prairie, MN, and get this checked.

What to do if none of the solutions worked?

If unclogging your drain pipes or changing the filters didn’t work, you might want to contact an AC repair in Delano, MN company for consultation. The technician from the company will most likely check up on three things: 

  • Condensate drain pan
  • Condensate pump
  • Refrigerant levels

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