How to Replace a Furnace, AC, Or Heat Pump Filter?

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How to Replace a Furnace, AC, Or Heat Pump Filter?

Are you facing some issues with your air conditioner, furnace, or heat pump? Is your air conditioner not cooling enough or furnace not generating proper heat? Well, these are some of the most common problems faced by people who have air conditioners or heating systems, or HVAC systems in their homes. And it has been seen that in a lot of cases, the problem is due to dirty air filters. During AC installation in Eden Prairie, MN, our technicians inform you about air filters and that they need to be changed from time to time for the proper functioning of the air conditioner or furnace, or heat pump.

What is the Function of the Filter in an AC or Furnace?

It is evident from the name that filters help trap dust, dirt, allergens, and other particulates from the air before it enters the room. This stands applicable for air conditioners as well as for furnaces. In air conditioners, if the filters are blocked with dust and dirt, cool air cannot pass and circulate throughout the room. For furnaces, the passage of warm air into the room is blocked through the filters. Apart from the obstructed flow of air (cool or hot), the efficiency of the systems also gets hampered by dirty filters.

Some systems have permanent filters, and they have to be cleaned thoroughly at regular intervals so that dust, dirt, debris, etc. are removed completely, and proper functioning is maintained. On the other hand, there are systems with disposable filters that need to be replaced after 6 months. During air conditioning installation in Eden Prairie, MN, ask your technician about the kind of filter that the system has.

Replacing the Filters in Air Conditioners, Furnaces, or Heat Pumps

Depending on the system, the filters are placed differently. Generally, the filters are located on the ceiling of the room or wall return air registers. In some other systems, the filter is placed in the air conditioner’s or furnace’s air-handler cabinet.

Before you commence the job of replacing the filters of the machine, make sure that you turn off the power from the heating or the cooling system. Once you locate the filters, make a note of the sizes that are mentioned on the frame. If they are not mentioned, take their sizes with a scale.

  • For Replacing the Filter in the Return Air Register in a Room: Unlatch the cover grille of the register and remove it carefully. Take out the old filter and dispose it of in the trash. Before putting in the replacement filter, clean the dust from the grille. Clean the surface of the register and the grille with a damp cloth from inside and outside. Place the new replacement filter in the register so that airflow arrows are pointed inwards towards the ductwork. Put the grille and latch it.
  • Replacing Filter from Air Handler Cabinet: In a furnace, look for a panel/door concealing the blower. Lift the panel or door. You will see a filter mounted to or under the blower motor. Take out the filter along the tracks. Check if it is a permanent filter or a disposable one. For disposable filters, slide in a new filter by following the written instructions. For permanent filters, clean them and place them back.

Follow the above-mentioned steps, and keep your AC/furnace/heat pump in good shape.