Ideal Temperature Setting for Thermostat in Summer

Summer is the season to look forward to in the USA to satisfy beach yearnings. No matter how old you are while reading this but you can’t help but miss the previous summer vacations. Still, one doesn’t spend all the time on summer outings. Your home is where the heart is! Moreover, the rising temperature outside sometimes can be too much to handle. Therefore, this can require you to play around with the thermostat settings.

Along with the comfort, it is also important to mull over the energy usage. Keeping the house cold during the summer won’t come without having to pay increased power bills. Also, there is a possibility that the thermostat can get too worked up in the summer. Prompting you to search what is a good thermostat repair near me.

The recommendations below will guide you about the best thermostat temperature setting during summer.

Ideal thermostat temperature as per the situation in Summer

It is important to note that the nearer your thermostat temperature is to the outside, the less energy it will consume. Based on this, experts have recommended the below temperature ranges:

  • While you are home: The ideal thermostat temperature to enjoy summer at home is 78-degree Fahrenheit. Considering that the summer temperature can differ as per the state, it might not be always possible to stick to 78 degrees. However, make sure that the temperature you set is nearby to the recommended ideal of 78º F.
  • While away from home: It is pretty logical to get your thermostat working to its least capacity when you are not at home. To achieve this, it is better to set a temperature similar to the temperature outside. Some experts even recommend turning it off completely when the house is empty.
  • When you are sleeping: To enjoy a cozy sleep during summers, the recommended thermostat temperature is between 65-to-72-degree Fahrenheit. That said, everyone’s body temperature is different. Hence, experts can’t brag much about what temperature you prefer while sleeping.

What should you avoid?

No matter how annoyed you get with the heat outside, avoid rapid changes to the thermostat temperature. You might think taking the temperature down will quickly cool the home. However, this will turn out to be bad for the thermostat. Your friend asks you for a thermostat repair service near me can be a cause of this impatience.

Rapid changes to the temperature make the thermostat overwork. Moreover, it can overcome the room and shoot up power consumption. This excess strain can build up throughout summer, requiring me to look for a thermostat repair near me. Moreover, it is also important to have routine maintenance for your thermostat.

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