Know the Most Common Furnace Problems

Minnesotans are all too familiar with cold weather. We know the kind that hangs on so long it seems it will never end and spring will never arrive.

It is in the depths of those winters we are most grateful for the technology of the furnace. It also seems to be the time when a furnace is most likely to break down just when you need it most.

Most Common Furnace Problems

We at Countryside Heating & Cooling Solutions get calls by the hundreds each season to provide furnace repair in Delano, MN residents need and can rely on. They typically are the same type of basic problems, whether it is a commercial or residential unit. However, there are a number of steps you can take to avoid these problems or lessen their severity and the cost of repairs.

First, many problems can arise because of a lack of maintenance. A routine inspection by the Countryside Heating and Cooling Solutions professionals can ensure the unit is ready for operation and spot problems before the first chill hits the air.

Once the furnace is in use, the filters should be changed to avoid the multitude of problems that can be caused by dirty filters. Most manufacturers advise changing them once a month. We can show you how this is done during your annual inspection.

Filters clogged with dirt can impede the furnace’s ability to heat the space. In addition, a lack of heat can be caused by the wrong thermostat setting, a problem with the power, or a pilot light that has been extinguished, all of which you can check. If the furnace is noisy or the blower runs continuously, it may be a mechanical problem that should be addressed by a professional.

Call in the Pros

If you experience these or other problems with your furnace, call in the pros from Countryside Heating and Cooling Solutions. Our expert, licensed technicians have earned a reputation as the ones to call for furnace repair in Delano, MN can trust.