Latest Furnace Installation Trends to Watch Out For

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Getting a heating system for your home is not just about choosing one and getting it installed. There has always been a wide variety of heating systems one can choose from. With global consciousness now focused on efficiency and thinking green, our decisions are now based on a heating system’s capability to be efficient and environmentally friendly.

What exactly is the latest trend?

One particular type of heating system used in households are furnaces. These heating systems have evolved into becoming more energy efficient and eco-friendly through the years.  Federal regulations say that a heating systems Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) should be at least 78 per cent.  There are furnaces that reach up to 97 per cent efficiency.  Homeowners these days are now more environmentally conscious in regards to furnaces.  Installation trends are showing them to be keener on installing energy efficient and environment friendly heating systems in their homes.

Why is installing an efficient furnace now the trend?

Energy efficient furnaces are, by default, also eco-friendly. Since they use less fuel, they emit less greenhouse gases that we all know do not do our environment any good. In addition, using less fuel means more savings for a consumer. This trend continues to be on the rise as more and more people are educated about the goals of creating a healthier environment and being cost efficient.

Smart thermostats now go along with these furnaces that allow consumers to control their heating systems when away from home. The potential on savings and the convenience offered are a huge benefit.

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How do I know that my furnace is efficient and eco-friendly?

When shopping around for a new furnace, make sure to bring up the topic of AFUE and to ask how high the AFUE is on the furnace you are interested in. Take note that the higher the AFUE percentage, the better the furnace is. You may also just work with professionals and rely on their expertise in choosing the best system that suits your home.


The digital age has brought a lot to the world. Information is now readily and easily accessible. This has led to well-educated and environmentally conscious consumers. The resulting shift in their buying behaviour has equally affected the market supply of more efficient and eco-friendly heating systems.

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