Learn the Facts about Heat Pumps

With the ever-growing popularity of heat pumps, even in the colder climes of Minnesota, many area residents are seeking a heat pump installation service they can trust to be honest and forthcoming about the pros and cons of using heat pump technology rather than a boiler or furnace with an air conditioner. The professionals at Countryside Solution are available to confer with you about the benefits and correct size of heat pump for your home or business needs.

Heat Pump Facts

A heat pump functions by drawing in heat from the outside, even during winter, to provide indoor comfort. It acts almost as a reverse air conditioner, circulating a refrigerant that is transformed from gas to liquid to gas again, creating heat in the process. It transfers the heat to the building via a fan. Since the heat pump is actually a warm air conduit, moving the air from or to the indoors, depending on the need, it does not actually generate heat in the way a furnace does.

Heat Pump Pros and Cons

At the same time, the heat pump is far more energy efficient than a furnace. It also can provide reliable cooling in the summer, meaning that heating and cooling can be acquired from a single, easily maintained, unit.

A sticking point for heat pumps is that, as temperatures fall below 40 degrees, they become noticeably less efficient. This deficit can be resolved, however, by installing a hybrid system, which is one that is backed up by a small furnace that can be called upon on colder days. The pairing still results in a less costly way of keeping your home warm all winter.

For more information about heating with hybrids or to have your building examined to determine the best size of heat pump for your needs, contact us at Countryside Heating and Cooling Solutions. Find out why we have become the heat pump installation service professionals in Maple Plain trusts.