Reasons to Call for In Floor Heating Repairs

Heating is important to anyone who lives in Minnesota. If you have in-floor heating, you are likely comfortable in your home most of the time. But how do you tell your in floor heating isn’t working? Here are a few signs:

  • No Warmth on the Floors
    The first, most obvious sign that your in floor heating isn’t working properly is that you simply don’t feel the warmth on the floors. Check each room the system serves and see if it is just one location or the entire area.
  • Damaged Floorboards
    If you see changes in the flooring within your home, there could be problems with the in-floor heating. Watch for leaks or cracks in your floorboards and call a professional for repairs if you notice any.
  • Unusual Scents
    In floor heating can give off an unusual scent if a tube is leaking. Instead of turning the heat up to burn the smell off, call for repairs. You may be able to get rid of the smell, but you can damage your floors as well.

If you have any of these issues with your in-floor heating, shut the system down and call for the in-floor heating services Wayzata MN has to offer. Countryside Heating and Cooling Solutions can help you with any heating problem you have, either on your floor or in your furnace. We are a full-service HVAC company serving Wayzata and surrounding regions. We want to make sure your family is warm, comfortable, and safe at all times. We also check the quality of the air you are breathing within your home. Countryside Heating and Cooling Solutions is an easy company to work with. We know your life is busy and we promise to work around your schedule and keep the process as simple and smooth as possible. Once you’re comfortable, we know we’ve done our job.