Should You Install A Ductless HVAC System?

Ductless cooling and heating systems, also called mini-split HVAC systems, are gaining popularity due to their cooling capabilities and the numerous issues caused by ducted systems.

Some Benefits of Ductless HVAC Systems.

  • Zoning: One of the main benefits of ductless heater installation in Maple Plain, MN, is the additional control they provide. You can separately operate each indoor unit and decide what areas or “zones” are cooling and which aren’t.
    Zoning permits you to program and control the indoor air temperature for each space separately according to your home’s particular needs. It ultimately enhances comfort and efficiency.
  • Inverter technology: The main benefit of mini splits ductless is the inverter technology. You don’t require backup heating strips like traditional heat pumps when you have ductless systems. Ductless pumps operate at low temperatures and without the requirement for backup components.
    Inverter technology means that you’ll also be able to reach the temperature you want to achieve faster and with fewer temperature variations. Reducing these voltage fluctuations can increase the lifespan of your equipment’s components and reduce the risk of failures.
  • No disturbance: When you have a ductless system, the main components that make up the system are located outside your house, keeping ductless air conditioning quiet. It means you can operate your AC during work hours, even during a phone conversation without disturbance. 
  • Ductwork is not required: The two main reasons homeowners are hesitant to purchase AC units are the expense and the difficulty of the installation. If you choose an HVAC system with a ductless design, there is no need for vents under or around the home to cool your house.
    As there’s no ducting, installing the ductless system is much faster and less expensive. Furthermore, installing ductwork beneath the home can result in excessive moisture or odors, requiring frequent repairs. Search Bryant furnace repair near me to contact a professional to inspect your configuration.  

Bottom Line

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