Signs and Symptoms of a Bad or Failing AC Compressor Relay

The role of a relay is to control the flow of electricity into an air conditioning system. One end of the relay is connected to power, one to the ground, and the third connection to the compressor. Before the relay fails, your air conditioning will show tell-tale signs that it is failing. Air conditioning repair in Maple Plain, MN, excels in serving our customers. We suggest you keep an eye out for these signs.

  • The Compressor Does not Turn On: When you turn on your AC, you unintentionally wait for the click of the air conditioning, indicating that it is on. That familiar click is the compressor turning on. If your relay fails, there will be no power to the compressor, so the compressor cannot turn on.
  • Recurring Clicking Noise When Turned On: The relay might struggle to work before the system fails, causing a clicking noise. There will be constant effort to deliver power to the compressor before the relay fails. These power spikes allow the compressor to turn on, but not enough to keep running or generate cool air. And so, you can hear a redundant clicking sound.
    If not clicking, it will be a ticking noise; the sound occurs from the regulator switch, which tries to deliver power but fails.
  • Burning Smell: The cause of the plastic-like burnt smell from a relay can be external, an unexpected power surge, overheating due to wear and tear, or internal being unwanted moisture, dampness, and incorrect relay installation. Moisture in an air-conditioning is a sign of low refrigerant; the cause of humidity in an air-conditioning should be probed further. Relay coils get corroded once damp, leading to a short circuit. Incorrect relay fuse and wiring installation can be the reason as well.
  • Irregular Cooling: A sure sign to relay failure is uneven cooling. Once the relay starts to fail, it will provide relatively weak, irregular power to the AC compressor, and the compressor will work intermittently as long as it receives power. The result is uneven cooling.
  • AC Does not Turn ON: A dead relay will not transmit electricity, and so the compressor will not turn on. Your air-conditioning will not work.

An Early Find Can Save you a Lot!

We recommend you not to stall; repair it early. Yes, if a relay fails and is worn out, it needs to be replaced. But then the cost might not end there!! The lingering question is, what caused the relay to fail! Potential faults that cause a relay failure are low refrigerant, refrigerant leak, a faulty pressure switch, or an error in the control system.

Ignoring the minor signs can cause a whole new section of the air-conditioning to fail, rendering a massive repair charge, and leading to regret. Over and above, the symptoms are just indications of relay failure. We at Countryside Heating and Cooling Solutions urge you to schedule an inspection quickly on our website. A simple AC installation in Maple Plain, MN, can pinpoint the exact fault.