The Causes Of Your Furnace Filter Getting Dirty So Fast?

A furnace is one of the most important parts of an HVAC system. We all want to give a cozy home to our families in winter. When you install a furnace, initially it works with its full efficiency. However, with time the working capacity of a furnace decreases. To resolve this problem, you need to regularly schedule heating repair and maintenance. You can easily search on the internet for best Bryant furnace repair near me to get trustworthy work done by a good team of technicians.

Know Why Your Furnace Filter Gets Dirty So Fast?

There could be multiple reasons for the filter of the furnace getting dirty so fast. In such a situation, you will try to search for a good HVAC company by typing “Bryant HVAC service near me”. You can contact Countryside Heating and Cooling Solutions to get the issue resolved. Here you will get immediate service from the team of experts of the company. Read the points given here to know the causes in detail.

  1. When the fan is set to ‘ON’ instead of ‘Auto’: To control this, you will find the setting on your thermostat. If you keep the fan set to ‘On’ that means your fan will run unstoppably until you turn it off from the thermostat. Some people prefer keeping their fan setting to ‘ON’ mode as it keeps the re-circulation of air continuous in your home. However, keeping the fan on ‘Auto’ mode will prevent it from getting dirty too rapidly and the fan will run only when the furnace is heating your home.
  2. Hair problem due to a furry pet: Pet hair and dander have a high tendency to get clogged in the filter of the furnace. If you regularly vacuum it then the life of the furnace can be increased.
  3. Leaky air dust issues: The attics, and crawl spaces, etc are some unconditioned spaces that can easily be clogged by air dust. Leaving this condition untreated will degrade the efficiency of your furnace. When such a situation occurs, immediately search Bryant HVAC service near me on the internet and get the list of some best HVAC companies and contact any one of them to get the maintenance service done.
  4. Dust in the home: If you clean your home on a regular basis, it will ultimately increase the life of your furnace. Dust in your home will gradually get deposited in the filter of your furnace and ultimately it kills the furnace. When you vacuum your home weekly, it reduces the overall duct level of your home and increases the efficiency of your furnace.
  5. Use of one-inch pleated air filter: One-inch pleated air filters are more prone to get dirty because they are designed in such a way that they can bind more air-born contaminants.

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