The Fan In Your AC Isn’t Working, Let’s See Why?

A standard air conditioning device usually has two fans, both of which are required to keep your home cool during the hot summers. The first fan is the interior fan, which you can hear buzzing most of the day. This fan is in charge of circulating air throughout the house’s rooms. On the other hand, the outdoor fan’s job is to exhaust the heat generated by the condenser coil to the outside, and if it fails, the AC cannot remove heat from the indoor air. Since these fans are complex mechanical equipment, they will eventually wear out and break down.

Why Your Air Conditioning Device’s Fan Is Not Working?

Bryant HVAC service can help prevent this problem, however, it cannot control all malfunctions. It is important to understand the root cause of such issues as to why fans are not working for a permanent solution. Here are some prominent reasons why fans in your air conditioning device are not working.

Tripped Circuit Breaker Due To Faulty Fan Motor

During periods of heavy jobs, such as on a hot summer day, one of the air conditioning fans may confound its electrical current. When this occurs, the circuit breaker trips, cutting off the electrical energy and stopping the fan. Check the electrical panel to see if any circuit breakers have tripped due to a faulty fan motor. If resetting the electric connections does not solve the problem, or if the fan continues to trip the breaker, you will need to hire a professional to repair the air conditioner.

The Thermostat Disconnected From The Fan

The thermostat may lose its connection to the air conditioning fans, preventing it from turning on regardless of its settings. (The reverse can also happen — the thermostat will not turn off the fan.) Once you’ve confirmed that an error in the thermostat settings isn’t the source of the problem, have professional technicians examine the cooling unit to determine whether it needs to be repaired or replaced.

Broken fan motor capacitors

If you listen to a clicking sound when the fan is presumed to turn on, it means you have a broken capacitor. Capacitors store electricity and send power output to fan motors to start and maintain operation. Since capacitors have a finite lifespan, they frequently fail before the rest of the air conditioning system. However, do not attempt to replace faulty capacitors on your own and hire a professional to install new capacitors.

Fan Motor Failure

The most severe case of an indoor or outdoor cracked AC fan is when the motor overheats to the point where the wiring merges with the casing, and the motor burns out. At this point, the engine cannot be repaired and must get replaced. If the air conditioner is already quite old, motor burn-out is a clear sign that it’s time to replace it.

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