Trusted Furnace Installation and Repair in Minnetonka, MN

We cannot survive winter without heat. It does not matter whether you are indoors or outdoors; the temperatures during this season can be unbearable to you. In some cases, the temperatures go so low to the point of causing fatalities. You do not want your family or yourself to be among the statistics. One way to go about staying comfortable and safe from freezing to death is by having a good furnace in your house. If you have one already installed but is not functioning, or for a person who does not have one at all, the services of Countryside Heating and Cooling Solutions are what you need. With our furnace installation and repair Minnetonka, MN, winter will go event free for you.

Why Choose Us

Countryside Heating and Cooling Solutions is a company modeled on the idea that quality service provision and success go hand in hand. For this reason, a relationship between us is healthy and mutually beneficial. Serving the people of Minnesota by providing them with heating services, we have amassed a great reputation for reliability and high-quality service provision. Not only are our technical staff well equipped, but they are also factory trained to handle gas lines and repair or install air conditioning systems effectively. Because gas lines are very sensitive installations, only the best and competent companies are licensed to do so by the State. And true to our commitment to professionalism and quality services, we are approved to handle the repair and installation of furnaces and gas lines.

Trained Professionals To Serve You

Professionals, who only use replacement parts, if necessary, from reputable manufacturers, do our repair jobs. The same is also true for our installations as we only stock furnaces that are manufactured by the best and thus can ensure the safety of the homeowner. Available 24 hours seven days a week, feel free to contact us whenever you need our services.

So for safe and reliable furnace installation and repair in Minnetonka, MN, contact us today.