What Are the Most Common Types of HVAC Systems?

What Are the Most Common Types of HVAC Systems?

Comfort and peace are the main reasons we look for an ideal HVAC system for our home. With the advancement of technology, you will find several types of HVAC systems. If you need the perfect model for your home, be fully aware of the types available, their function, and other features.
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Common Types of HVAC

  • Central heating and cooling: The most common and oldest type of heating and cooling system we get is the central HVAC. These systems have high-performance capacity. In the central heating system, you will find three types:
  1. A gas furnace runs on the gas supply. It is best suitable for homes with an easy connection to the natural gas supply.
  2. Oil furnaces are less popular as they are expensive. However, oil furnaces are a good option for mild to severe winters.
  3. Electric furnaces are less efficient but more budget-friendly than gas furnaces. They are good options for regions with mild temperatures.

In a central air conditioning or furnace, an outdoor unit is connected to an indoor unit, and the cool or hot air circulates through an air duct in each room.

  • Mini-split system: Mini-split heating and cooling systems are gaining much popularity nowadays. It is because such systems are easy to maintain and more energy efficient than the central HVAC. You can also look for a mini-split heat pump that serves both cooling and heating purposes. There is no need for duct installation in a mini split. One outdoor unit is connected to multiple indoor units to fulfil your heating and cooling requirements.
  • Packaged heating and cooling: Packaged HVAC is a heating and cooling unit usually installed on the attic or top floor. Homes that are not suitable for the installation of central heating and cooling equipment need this type of HVAC.
  • Geothermal system: Geothermal system takes heat from underground sources and supplies it indoors during winters, while it does the exact opposite during summers. This type of HVAC system is quite expensive to install and maintain, but it is also highly energy efficient as this HVAC relies on natural heating and cooling sources. 
  •  Hybrid HVAC systems are similar to the mini-split system, but the only difference is you can switch from gas to electric supply in hybrid HVAC. If the temperature is mild and bearable, you can switch to an electric supply and save money on utility bills.


If you are looking for easy-to-maintain and energy-efficient equipment, mini-splits and hybrid systems are good options. You can go for packaged HVAC for an energy-efficient heating and cooling system for smaller homes. Central HVAC is the best option for extremely cold or hot regions.

However, geothermal HVAC is an ideal option if budget is not an issue and if you want an energy-efficient solution for excessively hot and cold regions. Check out Countryside Heating and Cooling Solutions to find your next HVAC system with the most reliable installation and heater tune-up service in Maple Plain, MN. Contact us now to schedule HVAC services.