What Causes The Outside Unit Fan of My Air Conditioner To Stop Working?

You should call a Bryant air conditioner repair near me to correctly assess the problem if there’s cool air and the fan won’t spin. There are several probable reasons why your fan does not operate, including:

  1. Capacitor Problems: A dead capacitor is one of the most common reasons for the fans to stop spinning. The AC’s capacitors are little cylinders that send power signals to the fan engine and the remainder of the AC.
  2. Problems of power: It can be as easy as a question of power. If your breaker is overheated, your AC will cease running if the breaker is disrupted. The switch on the circuit breaker may remedy this.
  3. Motor burnt-out: A burnt-out fan engine is another major reason why fans quit working. If the fan motors are overworked, they can become bad and burn out, together with a lack of maintenance. AC fan motors are costly to substitute and can replace the system.
  4. Blocked Air Filter: The clogged air filter will limit the airflow that can build up ice. The fan of the air conditioner is, therefore, under greater stress and potentially shut it down. To ensure the right airflow, change your HVAC filters regularly.
  5. A defective belt: Older AC capacitors employ a belt. Belts may slip away or break over time. An HVAC expert can readily remedy this, but it might be time to consider replacing the system.
  6. Contactor problems: The contactor switch of the AC is positioned within the condenser unit and transmits the voltage to the capacitor and fan. Over time, these switches can go bad and cause your fan to cease working properly.

How Can The Problem Be Fixed?

You can inspect the capacitor itself, but do not try it yourself unless you are comfortable and have experience with high-voltage machinery and electrical currents. Since condensers store energy, even if the unit itself is disabled, they can cause electric shock. Learn how to release the condenser energy before trying to rebuild itself. Do not touch terminals; otherwise, you may get a severe injury.

Some basic visual inspection steps are:

  • Turn off the electricity from the disconnect or disconnect unit. Don’t attempt anything other than that you know the power is off.
  • Find your AC unit’s service panel. Look for the condenser; it will have two or three round or cylindrical objects at the top.
  • If you can see the condenser safely, look for problems like leakage, component swelling, or rusting.
  • Do not touch terminals or leaked fluids for your safety.
  • Call a Bryant HVAC technician near me when you determine that the condenser is damaged. Although this is a dangerous task involving high voltage, you can try and change it yourself.

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