What Happens if the Air Contactor Goes Bad?

It is officially summer, and for several months your air conditioner will stay busy. At one point or another, we all suffer AC problems, and many of these problems are rather frequent. Although it is frustrating and upsetting if your AC does not function, it might assist you to know how your unit can look to understand the problem your unit might have.

Here’s a comprehensive list of some of the frequent air conditioning problems we experience to assist you in determining what can happen and get Bryant HVAC service near me planned before the damage happens.

Signs of a Bad AC Contactor

The contactor is the air conditioning element that controls the power flow into the machine. The contactor goes up to block power when you switch off your AC. Contactors have been wearing and wearing over time.

The result can be overheating. Your AC won’t activate as a result. Be careful about these indications of poor AC contractor because you do not want air conditioner failure in the hottest months of the year:

  • Never shut down the condenser unit: The contractor may have melted, and the climate control may block no electricity. This could be a sign.
  • AC hums and will not activate: You may hear the air conditioner stirring when you turn on the AC, but it will not power up completely.
  • AC generates a sound of chat: A chattering sound from inside the air-conditioning machine is another signal.

How to Check an AC Contactor?

Shut off the air conditioner before the contactor is removed. Do it at the AND level of the thermostat. Unless this is done, electrocution could be caused. Once the electricity is switched off, go to the condenser. Where the AC panel is on the side of the unit linked to the wires. A screwdriver can be used to remove the side cover.

Several colorful wires are connected to a vertically positioned black rectangle. Please take an image of the wiring and the controller so that you can reconnect the wires once the defective item is replaced.

Discharge the contactor from the condenser unit side (while still connected to wires). Remove the wires farther. Now use the multimeter to test the contactor. Set the setting to “OL.” Connect the multimeter on both sides of the contactor to the low-voltage terminals. The multimeter will be displayed in the range of 5 to 20 if the contactor works correctly. The contractor is not functional if you obtain a lower number or no read. Using the photo you take for reference, buy a replacement from Bryant AC installers near me and rewire. Finally, reattach the lateral panel of the condenser and turn on the air conditioner.

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