What Is Involved In Heating Maintenance?

It’s essential that your heating system function as effectively as possible all through the winter. It is necessary to prioritize heating maintenance because it helps to identify any issues before they worsen to the point where your heater breaks down unexpectedly.
For heater tune-up in Maple Plain, MN, contact Countryside Heating and Cooling. Regular maintenance reduces safety risks like fuel or carbon monoxide leaks and increases the lifespan and efficiency of your heater.

However, what exactly does the process include, and how does it assist in keeping the system in running condition? We’ll outline the general procedures our HVAC specialist follows during heating maintenance.

What Happens in HVAC Maintenance Service?

Here’s a detailed explanation of what our technician does in an HVAC maintenance service:

  • Cleaning The Ducts

If your household has a forced air heating and air conditioning system, the ducts may experience year-round blowing through them. It is necessary to clean the ducts periodically to ensure optimum air quality in the house.

It is best to have them cleaned thoroughly every three to four years. You should hire our trained HVAC professional who will avoid damaging the ducts and ensure effective cleaning.

  • Inspection

Our heater maintenance specialist in Maple Plain, MN, will check the condition and functionality of every part of your heater, including the heat exchanger, exhaust flue, ducts, ignition switch, burner tubes, safety controls, and other components.

  • Electrical Component Evaluation

Your heater’s electrical components, including the electric switches, wires, and fuse, will all be tested to ensure they are working safely. Our heater maintenance professional in Maple Plain, MN, will check every electrical connection to prevent short circuits or any other disaster due to electrical issues.

  • Changing Air Filter

The air filter is another essential component of a central air conditioning unit. The filter prevents dust and pollutant particles from entering the interiors and ensures the HVAC unit operates successfully and efficiently.

Our heater tune-up expert in Maple Plain, MN, will clean or replace the filter while servicing the heater. If the filter is reusable, you can ask our technician to clean it if you have recently purchased it, or throw it away and get a new disposable filter.

  • Lubrication

Heating systems contain moving elements, which create friction. The motor wire may fuse and burn out due to excessive friction, which can also cause wear and tear and overheating. Moving components like the blower motor and fans are thoroughly greased during service to ensure smooth functioning.

Schedule Your HVAC Maintenance Today!

An annual maintenance and inspection service helps to identify any issues, and you can plan a more concentrated repair appointment to address them. Moreover, it makes the furnace function more effective, lowering your heater’s operating expenses and keeping it ready to use when winter arrives.


Your heating system needs preventive maintenance for smooth and optimum operation. Your furnace’s lifespan can increase with annual heating maintenance. Contact the Countryside Heating and Cooling experts for more details or to arrange a maintenance appointment. Call (763) 299-9996 and talk to one of our HVAC experts.