What Temperature Should You Set Your Thermostat in Winter to Save Money?

Winters is a time loved by all. Snow, Christmas, vacations and holidays, that’s what the winter season is all about. But one factor that we neglect during these cold chilly days is the temperature of our thermostat. Yes, temperature. People tend to set their thermostats at any high temperature without considering some important points.

Thermostats are not thought about during the summer season, due to which they are not repaired or replaced, which causes them to not work efficiently during the winter season when they are needed the most. Winters are the time when we remove the dust off from our thermostats and expect them to work without any glitch or issue, which is practically not possible.

What should be the temperature?

Ideally, the thermostat should be 68 degrees Fahrenheit or 20 degrees Celsius in the winter season. Why? This temperature is the ideal temperature for keeping your ‘home sweet home’ home warm and keeping your electricity bill within the budget.

Once you set the thermostat to the ideal temperature, the family members should not turn the dial or change the temperature too often, or this can take a toll on your electricity bill. Forgetting to set it at the right temperature or changing the temperature frequently can increase the electricity consumption that will harm you in the long run.

Setting the correct temperature of the thermostat will benefit you financially.

Where or where not to place your thermostat?

It is advised that thermostats should be placed on an interior wall near the centre of the house. The house’s interior wall is the best place for a thermostat so that it does not get any external moisture, heat, or dust.

Keeping the thermostat near or in the kitchen, air vents, windows, doors, hallways, or direct sunlight is not advised. In the kitchen, there are already many appliances that emit heat, which can disrupt the thermostat’s working. Near air vents and windows, the thermostat is exposed to outside air, which will weaken its functioning. As for hallways, they are empty most of the time, so keeping your thermostat in a hallway is useless.

Is there any solution? Read on to find out!

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