Where Can I Find Heating Maintenance in Delano MN?

It’s probably been a few months since you turned on your heater. Have you had it serviced yet? Routine maintenance will save you a good amount of money if it is done regularly.

Energy Costs

A properly functioning heater will save you money when running. If you aren’t keeping your heater serviced, it will have to work harder due to the collection of dust and dirt. A harder working heater creates two things: a higher energy bill and a ticking time bomb. A furnace working twice as hard is getting 2 years worth of use in one year.

Repair Costs

That heater of yours that’s working twice as hard as it should, it will break down twice as fast. The repairs necessary to keep it running are going to come earlier and more often if you don’t stay on top of keeping your heater serviced.


With all this wear and tear your heater is getting and all the repairs it is going to need, it might be smarter to just replace it. That is a great idea if you are already past the point of no return. If you can just get an annual maintenance to keep your heater working longer, shouldn’t you do it?

This may have sounded like a lecture if you are in this very predicament, but it’s meant to be a helpful warning of the things to come. We service the western suburbs of Maple Plain, MN. That means we offer heating maintenance in Delano, MN as well. I know it’s not the coolest thing to look forward to, but it will be a money saver if you keep up on your maintenance.

Give our team at Countryside Heating and Cooling Solutions a call today at (763) 299-9996. A fully functioning heater is an investment for the winter, and for many years to come.