Why is it Important To Change The Furnace Filter?

It is important to change the filter in the furnace for the machine to work efficiently because the furnace is very important, especially for those who live in very cold areas. Not replacing the furnace filter can cause many problems. Heater repair maple plain MN is one of the popular agencies to take care of the furnace filters.

HVAC filters are one of the most neglected components in the home. Usually, people wait to take action until the unit breaks down. The filters play a major role in cleaning the air passing through the AC. It traps and prevents particles and contaminants that would otherwise affect the health of those living in the home. Heater maintenance in Maple Plain, MN can solve the problem related to the furnace filters. If it is important to reinstall the furnace, the owner can contact the heater installation in Maple Plain, MN.

Although the air conditioner can run the system without any filters, HVAC experts do not recommend it at all. There is no filter in the air conditioner so the system is vulnerable to all kinds of debris and dirt that will break the HVAC system or become expensive as a result of repairs.

Here’s why it’s important to change the filter regularly:

Extremely Poor Air Quality

The main purpose of an air filter is to capture and reduce the amount of dust, pet hair, and other allergens in the home. Running air through dirty filters can increase rather than decrease these allergens. It can also cause adverse reactions in the home. Often the air outside the home is much cleaner than the indoor air, which can be especially true for those who are already living in poor-air areas or who have allergies and respiratory problems.

Safety-Related Issues

Dirty filters can cause several safety concerns such as clogging, overheating, starting a fire, and short cycling.

The Lifespan of The HVAC Unit

If the air filter is often not adequately replaced, it will eventually get stuck in such a way that air cannot pass through it. When the furnace is working, the lack of airflow will trap the heat of the system. The limit switch will be activated and will stop the furnace from overheating as the temperature inside the system continues to rise. This will temporarily alleviate the problem, but it will not solve the root problem. The dirty furnace filter reduces the airflow so your furnace works more than it needs to. The harder the furnace works, the faster its parts break down and need repair. In the long run, this will shorten the lifespan of the HVAC unit.

High Power Consumption

It may be the reason for high power consumption because the furnace works harder with a dirty filter, it will last longer and more often. This increases your energy consumption in the winter, as the furnace struggles to keep a house warm.

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