Why Use A Humidifier During Summer?

Why Use A Humidifier During Summer?

As temperatures slowly start to rise, there is no doubt that winter has left and made way to spring. Trees gain their vibrant colors back and the cold freezing breeze of the last months fades away leaving room for the best seasons of the year to come. The time to use your AC also starts to come closer and by the looks of it, you might be using it quite often. But, what about your humidifier? Do you use it only during winter? If you do, you might enjoy this article, for we at Countryside Heating and Cooling Solutions have found a couple of reasons why you could also use it during the hottest months of the year and still benefit from it.

It makes an excellent team with your AC

Air conditioning dries the air in whatever area they’re installed. Whether they’re old or new, or if you don’t have yet an AC system and need our Minnetonka air conditioning installation service, your humidifier can be a great companion during summer as it gives back the moist to the air in your house. This prevents your nose and throat from getting sore or being affected by the dry air your unit is providing.

It makes your skin happy

If we’re looking at weeks of unbearable heat in summer, we know that you might be more than happy to turn your AC up and have a little cozy Ice Age themed party in the comfort of your house. But, on the other hand, being exposed to air conditioning can have some effects on your skin and respiratory system that you might not be happy with, regardless how ideal the temperature feels. Using a humidifier will counteract such effects and will bring back to your body the moist it might be losing due to your AC. You won’t need to use that much moisturizer and the skin of your kids will thank you later, as theirs is much more delicate and more sensitive than ours.

Why Use A Humidifier During Summer?

It’s healthier

Humidifiers are used to treat allergies and sinus infections. It has also proven to be of great help when suffering from congestion a common cold. So why not give it a try when the pollen and mold are making their yearly comeback?

Your kids will feel better

We all know how hard it can be sometimes to keep our kids calm and quiet. Well, one of the things that can cause irritation and discomfort for them is the heat that summer comes with. However, although it might feel good at the time for them to be at home where the AC is on, it can also have some serious effects on their health if they’re overexposed. By using the humidifier most of the negative aspects of your air conditioner will be counteracted and your kids won’t experience dehydration or other uncomfortable consequences that come with the extended use of the AC. We recommend having your system regularly checked and controlled by professionals. If you don’t have one yet, we can assist with our Minnetonka air conditioning installation service, where you and your family will always remain a priority.

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