Why Won’t Your Air Conditioner Turn Off?

When your air conditioning system refuses to turn off, it’s natural to be concerned about wasting electricity as temperatures drop too low for required comfort.

When your air conditioner refuses to turn off, it could be due to several failing components, including a frozen cooling coil or an obstructed air filter.

It can also indicate a faulty electrical transmission switch, the fan blowing continuously, dirty condenser coils, a broken thermostat, or another issue that demands timely AC repair in Eden Prairie, MN.

Is It Safe To Leave An Air Conditioner Running All Day?

Even if the outside temperature is excessively high, your air conditioning system should not run continuously. Cooling cycles should take about two to three hours and last about 15 to 20 minutes. When your thermostat detects the set temperature, the air conditioning system should turn off, completing the cooling cycle. If your cooling device keeps going on for hours without stopping, it requires immediate attention. If you leave your air conditioner running, electrical power gets wasted, and your system suffers from excessive wear and tear, which causes element damage and malfunctions, necessitating the replacement of parts or the entire system.

Why Isn't Your Air Conditioning Appliance Shutting Down?

Here are some reasons your air conditioning device is not turning off:

  • Electrical Problems: There are several electrical components in air conditioning units. A faulty relay switch causes an electrical circuit to stay sealed, supplying continuous power to the air conditioner. While a faulty switch can sometimes go back to working accurately again, most of the time, you will need to hire a specialist technician to replace the broken switch.

  • Thermostat Error: Thermostats should get replaced every ten years. Thermostat detectors accumulate dirt over time, preventing them from precisely reading the room temperature. Electrical conduits can be affected, and wiring links can become loose, causing communication between the temperature sensor and the air conditioner to stand disrupted.

  • Incorrect Thermostat Settings: When only the system fan remains turned on, it may emerge that your air conditioning system is constantly running. When you choose the ON fan setting on the thermostat, the blower motor and fan run continuously rather than only when the cooling system loops. Since the air conditioning system is not on to produce conditioned air, you will hear the indoor elements running and feel hot air blowing from your ventilation system. Also, if the set temperature is lower than expected, it may appear that your air conditioner is constantly moving.

Hire The Best Services For Your AC

In households where multiple people adjust the thermostat, the setpoint may remain set at a lower temperature than usual, causing the air conditioner to continue running to achieve this temperature even if you expect the system to turn off sooner.

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