Bryant Furnace Constantly Shutting Off?

The weather around you is extremely chilling, and the first thing you can think of is to turn your furnace on. You sit on the sofa, turn the switch on, and relax while stretching your legs, only to find out in the next few minutes that your furnace has shut off. Sounds familiar?

If yes, your system is probably facing an issue called “short cycling”, wherein the constant switching on and off of the furnace not only ruins your entire mood but also leads to expensive repairs and premature breakdowns. This is your cue to look for Bryant furnace repair near me to avoid more serious damage and utility bills in the future.

Short cycling is not a sudden occurrence and may develop over some time. A few reasons that could lead to a situation like this are explained below.

Flame Sensor

A potential reason for the frequent shutdown of the furnace could be a dirty flame sensor. A flame sensor is like an indicator that lets your system know a flame when the gas valve is open. In case of an absence of a flame, the sensor shuts off the gas valve to avoid letting gas into your house.

A corroded flame sensor will be unable to detect the flame and hence will turn the gas valve off, resulting in the shutting of the furnace. The best way to get rid of this problem is to seek professional help and search for a Bryant HVAC technician near me.

Defective Thermostat

A thermostat is essentially the commanding cell of the furnace and instructs your furnace on how to function. A thermostat could malfunction due to several reasons, including old wiring, a requirement for new batteries, or just the location of your thermostat.

The temperature reading of a thermostat could also vary incessantly if placed near some source of heat. In the case of a faulty thermostat, manually checking for the change in batteries is a viable option. If changing batteries still results in the continuous switching off of the furnace, then contacting a professional for help is the right choice.

Restricted Airflow

Low airflow could be a possible reason why your furnace shuts off time and again. This could be due to several reasons – dirty air filters, blocked air supply vents, and dirty blower winds. Not changing the filters often could lead to clogged filters, resulting in overheating of the heat exchanger. A dirty blower wheel is to be blamed in case of rapid switching on and off of your furnace. Accumulated dirt on the blades of the blower wheel could reduce its efficiency and eventually lead to great damage to the furnace. Blocked air supply vents could be another reason that could cause short cycling of your furnace. In any of the scenarios mentioned above, resorting to Bryant furnace repair near me can do wonders.

Countryside Heating and Cooling Solutions

Plenty of reasons could amount to your furnace shutting off repeatedly. However, the solution to all these problems is one – browsing a Bryant HVAC technician near me.

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