Commercial HVAC In Edina, MN

Commercial HVAC in Edina, MN, and Surrounding Areas

If you live in Edina or the surrounding area then you know how typical Minnesota weather works. Five months out of every year we have temperate conditions, and out of those five months, only three are what you’d consider hot. It threatens to snow for half the year and then rains the other half. Moisture is a constant factor for businesses and homeowners.

Like so many other places in the upper Midwest, Edina has a wide range of weather, with an emphasis onCommercial HVAC In Edina, MN, and Surrounding Areas cold, wet conditions. That’s why a quality heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system is so important. Your residential or commercial property needs to have guaranteed heating for the cold, wet months and an adaptable air conditioner for the rest of the year. Sticking with old, out-of-date equipment can be a hazard to your property and your wallet, not to mention your overall health.

What To Look For In An HVAC System

For people that live in the Midwest, a good heating and air conditioning system has to be a workhorse. Your furnace has the potential to be running for the majority of the year. Even though Spring and Fall can showcase some decent weather during the daytime, nights are still chilly with average temperatures in the 20’s and 30’s during the Fall and the ’30s and ’40s during the Spring. You have to be confident that your system is reliable enough to pump out heat virtually year-round, year after year. This takes either an aggressive maintenance schedule on your existing equipment or the installation of modern, updated products.

Reliability is key, but you also want HVAC products that won’t leave your wallet empty every month. Running heating and air conditioning equipment non-stop can generate a huge electric bill. When shopping for a new furnace, air conditioning unit, or ventilation system it’s best to spend a little extra money upfront to get a high-efficiency unit that will shave valuable dollars off your monthly bill for years to come.

Maximize Efficiency With Our Heating ProductsCommercial HVAC In Edina, MN, and Surrounding Areas

In the cold, snowy Minnesota climate your focus should be on finding the right heating solution for your property. The right furnace is one that will safely and effectively accommodate your building’s square footage and mesh easily with your existing utility hookups.

Countryside Heating and Cooling Solutions offer a complete line of heating products designed to meet your home or business needs. Our heating solutions include:

Each type of heating solution has its own advantages. The Countryside Heating and Cooling Solutions offer high-efficiency models of each furnace type with the best products boasting a 98% efficiency rating, meaning that they are able to harness 98% of the fuel they burn into useful heat.

If a brand new system isn’t on the cards, Countryside Heating and Cooling Solutions also offer a full complement of heating system service and repairs. We offer everything from scheduled maintenance and tune-ups to emergency repair, replacement, and installation. Let us do a full diagnostic of your heating system and determine its level of functioning and rate of efficiency. From there, we can help you to weigh your options and decide between repairing your existing system or installing a brand new furnace.

Save money and cool your home with our air conditioning services

Just because cold, wet weather and snow dominate most of Minnesota, that doesn’t mean that your home or business has to suffer through the warm Summer months without modern comforts. During July and August, the peak of Minnesota’s warm season, temperatures can creep up into the 80’s for prolonged periods of time. In order to beat the heat, Countryside Heating and Cooling Solutions carry a full line of air conditioning products to complement our furnaces and other heating products.

Our cooling products include:

  • AC units
  • Ductless AC
  • Evaporator coils
  • Fan coils

We offer cooling products with high SEER ratings. SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. AC units with high SEER ratings convert electricity into cool air more efficiently, giving your bank account some much-needed relief during the summer months.

In addition to our AC product line, Countryside Heating and Cooling Solutions also offer air conditioning service and repair to keep your unit humming along, year in and year out. We offer a range of proactive services such as:

Don’t let your air conditioning and cooling system be an afterthought. Prioritize regular maintenance or upgrade your system with a new energy-efficient or ductless system.

Maintaining proper air qualityCommercial HVAC In Edina, MN, and Surrounding Areas

With personal comfort at the forefront when considering a new heating and cooling system, or performing maintenance on an existing system, it’s easy to forget about the ventilation aspect of HVAC. Proper ventilation in your residential or commercial building has a huge impact on the personal health of your customers and your family, especially in an area like Minnesota where wet weather dominates. It is essential that you outfit your building with the equipment necessary to promote good air quality.

Improper ventilation in your HVAC system can allow mold, bacteria, dust mites, pet dander, and other micro-organisms to grow in areas where temperatures suddenly change, such as on a condenser coil.

The Countryside Heating and Cooling Solutions offer ventilation products to help reduce the build-up of bacteria and mold in key areas of your system. Our solutions include:

  • Air cleaners
  • Ventilators
  • Humidifiers
  • Dehumidifiers
  • Ultraviolet lights

When used in combination, these products can help to improve the air quality of your building, helping you, your customers, or your family to maintain their health and breathe easier. If you live in a moisture-rich area, consider letting us install an air quality system in your building.

The Countryside Heating and Cooling Solutions’ advantage

Countryside Heating and Cooling Solutions have more than 40 years of experience working with heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. We have decades of working experience necessary to help you ensure that your property’s heating and cooling systems are up to date and in excellent working condition. We can treat the air quality inside your building, make energy efficiency recommendations, and even help you to select the right product if you are in the market for a new furnace or air conditioner. Please contact us today for an evaluation of your building’s HVAC needs.

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