How Do You Extend Your HVAC Life?

Investing in an HVAC system is one of the largest investments any homeowner makes for the home. Ensuring that the HVAC system lasts longer is a big concern, which is why proper care and maintenance services like air conditioning repair in Maple Plain, MN, are necessary for your HVAC.

Tips by Which You Can Extend the Lifespan of Your Heating and Cooling Systems:

Regular Maintenance

Annual HVAC system maintenance is the best way to keep it working in optimum condition for many years. In this service, a professional will clean, inspect and tune up your HVAC system.

You will treat any minor issue on the spot before it turns into a big and expensive one. Every homeowner must get the required maintenance to prevent any emergency breakdown.

Changing the Air Filters Regularly

There are a variety of air filters available in the market for your HVAC. These filters block debris, pollen, and other particles from lowering your indoor air quality.

You should check your air filter regularly and get it replaced or cleaned as per the requirements. If pets are in your home, you must change the filters more often to prevent fur and dander from affecting air quality.

Get a Smart Thermostat

With smart thermostats, you can program the temperature in your home for set timeframes. You can control your system remotely from your phone or tablet.

It also helps save energy and extend your unit’s life as you can adjust the temperature as per your stay.

Looking After the Condenser

You will find the condenser portion of your HVAC outside your home. It can be damaged by severe weather and debris. It is necessary to check it regularly and remove any vegetation or debris if present.

Ensure that trees and bushes are not too close to the unit to damage your unit. Also, look out for appropriate drainage or rust or any other damage.

Use the Auto Setting

You may find an ‘auto’ setting and an ‘on’ setting for the fan in your HVAC unit. The fan will only run when the system starts heating actively or cooling.

The on-set makes the fan constantly run, which leads to more energy usage and wear and tear on the system. Thus you should use the auto setting as much as possible.

Sufficient Insulation

Having good insulation in your home will reduce the need for your HVAC to run constantly. Your attic is the place that most likely loses heat and air. So upgrading the insulation in your attic will reduce the need for heat and cool produced by your HVAC system.

Using Alternative Methods

During summers, you can use your ceiling fan and reflective shades to prevent heat from coming inside. In cold weather, you can wear a sweater and open the curtains to allow the sunlight.


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